(As of Wednesday, Jun 9 2021)

To Blackhawks: Ken Klee
To Whalers: BUF 1993 Rnd 3, DET 1996 Rnd 1

To Blackhawks: DET 1996 Rnd 2, DET 1997 Rnd 1
To Red Wings: Ken Klee

To Penguins: Ilkka Sinisalo
To Flyers: MIN 1992 Rnd 2

To Penguins: Dino Ciccarelli
To Kings: Kevin Stevens

To Whalers: Mario Gosselin
To Canucks: Todd Gill, BOS 1994 Rnd 3

To Flyers: Sylvain Cote, Patrick Poulin, EDM 1992 Rnd 1
To Oilers: PHI 1992 Rnd 1

To Flyers: Todd Krygier
To Devils: Kelly Kisio

To Canucks: Glen Hanlon
To Oilers: VAN 1993 Rnd 3

Bruins sign Markus Naslund

Bruins sign Mark Krys

Bruins sign Mike Sillinger

Blackhawks sign Bobby Holik

Bruins sign David Bruce

Rangers sign Andrei Trefilov

Rangers sign Evgeny Davydov

Blackhawks sign Ted Donato

Flames sign Damian Rhodes

Flames sign Stu Barnes

Flames sign Jeff Nielsen

Penguins sign John LeClair

Canucks sign Jim Dowd

To Flyers: Tomas Sandstrom
To Bruins: Tim Kerr, PHI 1993 Rnd 1